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Get connected to thousands of users. Meet and gain new fans, friends and followers, and be close to them in the intimate new format of mobile live video.

It’s your stream, it's your story.

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To give all our streamers the confidence to create content, we have clear, useful guides and tips to help you get started. As a Mediacorp partner, we set the stage for you to showcase your talents - and a chance at stardom.

Be rewarded

No hassle, no extra charges.

We believe in the power of influence and we want you to be rewarded for doing what you love.

Beyond viewership, your viewers can subscribe to you, and gift you with in-app tokens that you can cash out - instantly and fuss-free, unlike other streaming platforms. We never take a cut from it, so you enjoy the full rewards for your content, effort and time streaming live.

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Gain the opportunity for maximum content exposure backed by our partnership with Singapore’s top broadcaster—Mediacorp.

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Watch your fans interact LIVE with you and help build your stream. We also guarantee featured placements to push you forward.

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We provide a true LIVE experience with the lowest latency, compared to competing platforms, for near-instant streams.

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Viewers can send you tokens that can be cashed out instantly and without hassles. Plus, we don't take a cut from your earnings.

More awesome stuff

BeLive is the only platform in the world that pays for every photo, video, and live-stream. We also provide personalised banners design services created by our award-winning team.

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